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We are proud members of the Green Wedding Alliance (GWA). It is a collaborative network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses who educate, inspire, and encourage others to live mindfully and celebrate sustainably.


We believe that every event should be a celebration and expression of your values—not just for you and your guests, our planet, and future generations. A green event is one where you make thoughtful choices about how you celebrate and how you can be kind to the earth in doing so.

Our owner, Alison Grossman, sits as the President of the Green Wedding Alliance. Designed and Detailed is built on an eco-friendly foundation. Sustainable practices are not only in internal practice in our office but also is a core value to how we plan events. We want to ensure your party creates memories, not waste, to last a lifetime!

About  the Company

Designed and Detailed Event Management is a boutique wedding and event planning firm where sustainability meets luxury for ANY event! We specialize in creating unique guest experiences for weddings, parties, galas, corporate events and beyond.

A proud supporter of the LGBTQA+ community, we plan events for all of humanity!  We thrive on diversity and it should go without saying that we will plan for ANY and ALL!

Custom tailored packages are created for each client's planning needs ranging from full service planning to our basic logistics coordination program. Our packaging is designed to work with any budget and can start at any point in the planning process. 

Accomplished Event Designer Alison Grossman, owner of Designed and Detailed, along with her team, believe that each client should feel like a guest at their own event!  Bringing knowledgeable, creative, and relatable attitudes to the table, our team will bring ease and comfort to your special day.

We spend a generous amount of time with each client to get to know them on a personal level, allowing us to really understand your vision and develop a partnership that gives you complete trust and confidence in leaving your event in our hands.

Ready to Bring Your Vision to Life?

Mother Of the Bride | Liana G

"It has been 3 weeks since my daughter’s wedding, I find myself reflecting upon that event, it had so many moving parts and all went without a hitch. There is one person in particular who made this so- Alison the Day of Coordinator from Designed and Detailed. Alison was perfect for this job. She was directive but kind and sensitive, like a mother herding her brood. She was competent, professional and seemed to always have her finger on the pulse. For example, the wedding party had to be at 4 locations the day of the wedding, this all occurred seamlessly including sandwiches and drinks on the shuttle. Alison’s goal was to take the pressure off the bride and groom- all questions and issues were to be directed to her- she handled this with aplomb! On a scale of one to ten for excellence, Alison from Designed and Detailed gets a 10!"

Proud Partners

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