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Summit Contacts:
Alison Grossman - Summit Event Planner - 630.464.1817
Alexa Bailey - TG Human Resources - 720-999-8657


day 1 - monday, june 3rd


Welcome Dinner

Location: Grand Rivers Terrace

Join us as we kick off the TraceGains Summit with a vibrant welcome party! Connect with each other, forge partnerships, and indulge in culinary delights. Let's set the stage for a connected and meaningful week!


Welcome – Gary N.

A few words from our CEO Gary Nowacki.


Welcome Dinner Concludes

Way to kick the week off with a bang!  Now its off to bed for tomorrow's first full day of programming.

Day 1
Day 2

day 2 - tuesday, june 4th


Breakfast Opens

Location: Grand Rivers Ballroom

Fuel up for the day ahead with a delicious breakfast spread available for all attendees.


Company Update  from CEO

Gary Nowacki

Location: Colorado Ballroom

Gary will provide an exciting company update, offering insights into future endeavors and company milestones.


Coffee Break

During their break, attendees can enjoy a rejuvenating visit to the TraceGains coffee shop located in the Pre-Function Area outside of the Colorado Ballroom.  A variety of espresso based drinks will be available in addition to drip coffee and tea.


Hack-A-Thon Begins

Location: Colorado Ballroom

Engage in a dynamic Hack-a-thon, fostering team building and problem-solving prowess, all in the spirit of innovation.


Lunch Buffet Opens

Location: Grand Rivers Ballroom

Indulge in a company-wide lunch, where camaraderie and collaboration flourish over delicious culinary delights.


Hack-A-Thon Resumes

Location: Colorado Ballroom

The Hack-a-thon resumes as participants gather to review and showcase their group projects, highlighting collaborative ingenuity and innovative solutions.


Coffee Break


Team and Department Meetings

Another Opportunity to Re-Energize at the TraceGains Coffee Shop.

Location: Colorado Ballroom

Team department breakouts commence, fostering focused discussions and strategizing sessions tailored to each group's objectives and challenges.


Team and Department Meetings Conclude

Location: Colorado Ballroom

As team meetings conclude, it's time to prepare for team dinners, where bonds are strengthened over shared meals and lively conversations.


Shuttles Pickup Sales Team for Dinner

The Sales Team will be heading to Biaggis Risorante Italiano.  A shuttle will pick up all team members outside the Resort at the Roundabout located at the main entrance to the Resort.


Shuttles Pickup Customer Success/R&D and Marketing Teams for Dinners

The Finance+Administration Team and the Marketing Team Rideshare to Dinners

The Customer Success and R&D Teams will be heading to The Warehouse Restaurant.  A shuttle will pick up all team members outside the Resort at the Roundabout located at the main entrance to the Resort.

The Marketing Team will be heading to Lumen8.  A shuttle will pick up all team members outside the Resort at the Roundabout located at the main entrance to the Resort.

The Finance + Administration Team will drive themselves to 503W.


The Product Team will drive themselves to Grand View Restaurant.


Sales Shuttle Back to Resort

Customer Success/R&D

Shuttle #1 Back to Resort


The Sales Team will have a 9pm Shuttle Back to the Resort.

The Customer Service + R&D Team will have its first shuttle back to the Resort for those ready to leave early.


Marketing Shuttle Back to Resort



Admin Drive Back to Resort

Product Team Drive Back to Resort

Marketing Team is shuttled back to the Resort.


Admin Drive Back to Resort.

Product Team Drive Back to Resort.


Customer Success/R&D

Shuttle #2 Back to Resort

The Customer Service + R&D Team will have its last shuttle back to the Resort.

day 3 - Wednesday, june 5th


Breakfast  & Coffee Shop Opens

Location: Grand Rivers Ballroom

Breakfast is now available, featuring an avocado toast bar for a fresh and nutritious start to the day. Additionally, the TraceGains coffee shop has reopened, ready to serve up your favorite caffeinated beverages!


Work Together Begins

Location: Colorado Ballroom

"Work Together" commences, offering employees dedicated time to catch up on emails and phone calls, collaborate in person to advance ongoing projects, and schedule one-on-one meetings to foster deeper connections. This block of time not only facilitates productivity but also strengthens interpersonal bonds, especially for those who typically work remotely.


Boxed Lunch Pick-Ups

Location: Colorado Gallery

For those heading out for offsite activities, boxed lunches will be provided, ensuring a convenient and satisfying meal on the go. Golfers can refuel at the snack shop conveniently located on the course, offering a selection of lunch options to keep them energized throughout their game.


Boxed Lunch Pick-Up & 

Coffee Shop Closes

Location: Colorado Gallery

Make sure to grab your last chance to pick up lunch and swing by the TraceGains coffee shop before heading out.


Work Together Concludes

As "Work Together" draws to a close, it's time to wrap up and delve into the excitement of your offsite activities. Enjoy your adventures in Colorado Springs!


Company Dinner Begins

Location: Cheyenne Courtyard

The grand finale of our eventful Summit commences with the Company Dinner, where games, drinks, and a photobooth promise a night of laughter and memories. Let the festivities begin!


Company Dinner Concludes

Thank you for joining us at the summit! It was a pleasure having you be a part of this enriching experience!

Day 3




Rideshare to Zoo


Arrive to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Location: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo -4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Attendees heading to the zoo will convene at the lobby roundabout, where they can arrange rideshares to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a wild and wonderful adventure!

We recommend wearing walkable shoes and clothing.  Remember to bring your sunscreen!

Lexie will have all tickets for attendees. 

You'll have until 4 PM to enjoy the Zoo to the fullest!


Rideshare Back to Resort

Attendees Rideshare back to Cheyenne Mountain Resort


Arrive Back to Resort

As attendees return, it's time to freshen up and get ready for the evening dinner festivities.

day 4 - thursday, june 6th


Breakfast Opens

Location: Grand Rivers Ballroom

Fuel up for the day ahead with a delicious breakfast spread available for all attendees.


Breakfast Ends

Thank you for a great Summit!


Check-Out for All Guests

Luggage can be held at the front desk until you are ready to head to the airport.  All hotel amenities will NOT be available once check out is complete.  We encourage those with a rental car to carpool to the airport to minimize the carbon footprint we leave traveling from the Summit.

Until next year!  Safe Travels!

Day 4
Day 2
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